In the education world, when I tell people who I am, they go “Oh, yeah, I remember reading about you!” But I have recovered from my semi-infamous start as a kind of sort of academic freedom case at Stanford, and remain quite fond of my third alma mater. I hear that STEP has pulled down the “shoot this woman on sight!” posters, even.

I’m about to start my fifth sixth year teaching and >my 11th 12th year as a tutor/test prep instructor (I’ve mostly stopped tutoring these days, and limit my test prep to summer school and APUSH.)

Occasionally I’ll write about movies, my life, and food. And anything else that seems interesting. But mostly teaching.

One thought on “About

  1. Michele,
    I am traveling and do not have your email address with me. There have been a few comments on the Santino piece. Could you please respond to them. Larry

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